First taste of liberty & adventure. It's a specific moment when your kid gets his or her first wheels
Through the 3 dimensional properties of clay, the child becomes aware of structure, shape and form.
Potty Break
Potty Tray for Kids.
Magic Car
Very exciting ride on toy for children.
Pre-School Toys are designed to encourage development by teaching experientially....
Music helps develop and sharpen early listening skills....
Wind Up
Wind Up toys improve dexterity, strengthen hands and fingers,and develop fine motor skills.
To encourage all round growth and development of children, we make toys for children to experience the joy of PLAY...


Our vision is to manufacture safe and value for money toys through innovation.

We make toys that provide experiential learning and sensitization of the senses to a child.

We inculcate values in our processes that reach out to our end users.


Children's safety during play is top priority for all parents. That is why our mission for more than 25 years has been to design, manufacture and sell safe and high quality toys.

Our Simple and innovative toys are favorite for all children.


Tripple Ess Toys is a professionally managed company situated in industrial heartland of Noida and Greater Noida with 40,000 sq. feet of production area.

The company was founded by a technocrat from IIT DELHI with a vision to EXCEL.

We have hitech tool room to make dies and molds
of all kinds. We have following equipments...

Promotional Toys

  • Many Big Brands of Chocolates, Potato Chips and child related food products are incomplete without small toys.
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(Integrated Child Development Scheme)

  • Educational
  • Musical
  • Outdoor
  • Maps and Charts
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Moral Values
  • Wooden Toys
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